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We’re dedicated to collaborating with businesses to fuel genuine growth with meaningful results.

Our Beginnings

Established in 2018, Borneo Digital originated from a humble lifestyle portal named “I Love Kuching,” dedicated to highlighting local happenings where we’re based. Recognizing a broader potential, we soon expanded our vision, birthing “I Love Borneo” (iloveborneo.my).

The Journey

Throughout the years, we’ve been privileged to partner with a diverse range of clients – from federal and state government agencies to commercial entities, innovative start-ups, and esteemed GLCs. Our footprint has extended locally and across borders, with a consistent ethos: tailor our solutions to best fit the unique context and circumstances of each client.

Growth & Expansion

From the collaborative efforts of two founders, we’ve evolved exponentially in just four short years. Today, we stand proud as a cohesive team, a melting pot of multifaceted skills and informed decision-making. We recently collaborated with Great People TV (@greatpeopletv), spearheading a thrilling journey that bridges sports enthusiasts and the business audience, introducing them to eminent personalities through livestreams and podcasts.

At Borneo Digital, diversity isn’t just our strength; it’s our essence. We believe in crafting bespoke and creative solutions, ensuring our clients navigate successful campaigns, execute pivotal initiatives, and create unforgettable impressions. Building on a foundation of camaraderie and trust, our journey with each client is more than just a business partnership; it’s a shared voyage of growth.

Every interaction, every solution, every project is grounded in three core principles – purpose, honesty, and thoughtfulness. This unwavering commitment has empowered Borneo Digital to offer more than just services; we provide true value that extends beyond monetary metrics. Our legacy is best encapsulated in the projects we’ve delivered, and we invite you to explore our portfolio.

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