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sarawak digital innovation & ecosystem sarawak digital innovation & ecosystem


sarawak digital innovation ecosystem (SDIE)


Sarawak digital economy corporation (SDEC)

project brief

Sarawak Digital is a unified brand for the digital agenda spearheaded by SDEC (Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation). Together with SDIE (Sarawak Digital and Innovation Ecosystem) we designed an awareness campaign with the intent of introducing a fresh brand to a public audience and build their online presence.

We were also assigned to help with awareness campaigns for a few projects under this department; which are SME Digitise, Crocodile Byte, and Go Digital. We made content appropriate with ad requirements.

our solution

The awareness campaign for the Sarawak Digital brand involved Social Media Management; with the production of content. A dedicated content manager was assigned and the content curation centered around information related to SDIE, their industry ecosystem, and general events. Creative works were aligned with campaign objective, funnel design and execution via paid advertising networks such as Facebook Ads and Google Display network.

Access of their main social media accounts enabled us to use the unified micro social media reference landing page Linktree. People were able to access social media links, latest updates of programmes and our client had a shortlink available as reference.

We created websites for all SDIE programmes assigned to us. These landing pages made it easier for interested participants to access information. A lead generation form was built in, integrated with relational database platform, Airtable. This made it easier for us and our client to achieve lead management as this approach allows our clients to collect leads with complete information including their uploaded documents on 1 single dashboard.

We focused on a data driven approach with Google Analytics (GA) & Facebook Pixel integration for remarketing/retargeting to increase conversion & lower down advertising cost. Data collected through cookies in these integration allows us to further optimise advertising campaign via 3rd party AI optimisation tools for paid advertising ( FB ads, Google ads ).

We added value to the programmes through amplifying their messages via paid advertorial through our own media assets : & social media network :  I Love Kuching, I Love Borneo. Taking advantage of our large audience, our websites provided a steady stream of intended attention and reach.


Increment in Facebook and Instagram by 415.2% and 812.7% respectively compared to previous cycle before our service.

Our paid advertorial via generated more than 20 000 pageviews with average reading time of 1 minutes 35 seconds per user. It has also generated more than 12 454 Click To Action to respective landing page and promotion.

4 leads generation campaign launched in a span of 6 months

100 creatives produced in a form of social media creatives, HTML5 display ads and animated video

5216 leads generated for SDIE programmes and innitiative

120 142 website visits generated for SME Digitise, Crocodile Byte, DiVA and Go Digital website

The Websites We've Helped Design develop test execute

Go Digital Sarawak
Digital Village Accelerator (DiVA)
Crocodile Byte