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tegas digital village & innovation hub tegas digital village & innovation hub


tegas digital village & innovation hub


tegas digital village & innovation hub

project brief

Our relationship with our client TEGAS is a rewarding and we continue to appreciate their business with us. Borneo Digital has been tasked to execute multiple services for this entity to create awareness of and promote their many initiatives, events and branding.


Among the most notable events out of many is how we assisted our client in a Deep Integrated Lead Acquisition Campaign for TEGAS Pre Accelerator and TEGAS Startup Lab.

We created the visual and copy for their programmes under campaign called #INNOVATESARAWAK. On top of advertorials on our owned assets, and

Together with TEGAS, we also now have a video series called Innovate Sarawak Stories, which is now in its second series.


8 campaigns launched in 24 months.

1,304,221 reach and impression across ad networks.

300,212 pageviews generated via sponsored article through

2 videos series launched via I Love Borneo Facebook & Youtube channels.

2 mil minutes of video played across facebook and youtube

More than 30 000 reactions on socials media channels, ( likes etc )